Shameless Self Promotion: Wine and Comics

Do you like (hearing people drink and talk about crappy) wine?

Do you like (listening to people argue over) comics?

Do you like (sitting in your car for hours in traffic while playing) podcasts?

Then Wine + Comics is the podcast for you!

What is Wine + Comics you ask? Well thank you, I’m so glad you did!

It's mostly this.

This. It’s just mostly this.

It all started with Batman: Under the Red Hood (I’m sure there’s another story before this, but it’s the main one I remember) — I was spending a busy night in college introverting pretty hardcore (meaning all the lights were off and most of the housemates were blessedly somewhere else while I watched a cartoon LIKE AN ADULT) when my roommate’s boyfriend, Topher Harless, showed up, probably to take my roommate on some sort of nice, date-y type thing as I hear is the custom.

In retrospect, I should have known wed be friends as he is the male version of me.

In retrospect, I should have known wed be friends as he is the male version of me.

He had to wait for a little bit (outside, because apparently what happens when a boy walks into a girl’s room is instantaneous pregnancy, according to small Bible colleges) as my dear roommate had a habit of taking an impressively long time getting ready so, being the nice roommate (and an overwhelming Southern fear of the word ‘rude’) I stood outside to keep him company.

We were friends but hadn’t really talked all that much (besides one death-defying boat trip that created a life long impact and will have to make it on the blog one day). I was mildly annoyed that he interrupted my viewing of a Batman cartoon and said so. We didn’t stop talking about the wonders of Batman, surpassing the amount of time it took my primping roommate to get ready.

Now we all live in California and those conversations still take place. Though, at present,  we hold a podcast so it’s a designated time to talk (ie. argue) about comics and therefore don’t make each other late when we happen to see each other in passing. My old roommate, now his wife, is just happy we have an outlet and she doesn’t have to awkwardly try and evade being brought into the conversation.

We are completely normal.

We are completely normal.

The Show

As I’ve said before, I desire to make comics accessible. So Topher and I do read a comic book then come together with our thoughts and not only talk about it but explain what’s happening in the comic book so others who may have never read a comic book before can easily pick it up and won’t be as confused by the history or what’s gone on immediately before the issues in the trade paperback (I explain what that is in a post entitled Comics Matchmaker). This is the meat of the podcast. Up to this point we’ve done a lot of Batman, both recent (Scott Snyder’s run on The Court of Owls, Death in the Family, Zero Year) and a little older (Bruce Wayne, Murderer?). We also cover Marvel (Age of Ultron).

Wine = cultured, right?  Please?

Wine = cultured, right? Please?

But, if you’ll notice, the title is WINE and Comics because Topher and I love wine. He’s more of a fan of the sweeter, lighter stuff while I will drink anything so you get to hear us down a bottle while being giant dorks over comic books. We find different bottles of cheap, crappy wine, discuss their merit, and proceed to drink the whole thing (with few exceptions, such as when I buy spoiled wine from a garage sale.)

There are a few other fun segments we do:

What You’re Missing Out On

  • My delightful, melodious voice (that has a tendency to sound like a zombie frog)
  • Topher doing constant impersonations
  • This drinking game my friend Heather over at MovieMamma made for us
  • I will, at some point, have too much to drink and get a little confused about where I was going with a long, drawn out point I’m trying to make
  • Topher getting super excited about the action and hating on the time people take to talk about their feels.
  • Me, LOVING the emotions and not caring at all about the action
  • Really, it’s a fun passion project that offers a little something for everyone and a good introduction to a piece of the massive, multiple universes of comics.


There’s even a drinking game, thanks to my friend Heather over at Movie Momma.

Make sure to download! And don’t forget to tune in live on Periscope every Friday at 8:00pm PST so you can snark along with us!

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