Project Status Update: Sabbath Week

You may have noticed that I was completely out of commission last week. Why you may ask? My body decided it couldn’t pull 55-60 hour work weeks, consistently pushing myself to not only do my day job but also be creative (on top of church stuff.) So having taken a solid look at my schedule and studying a little theology, I realized even the Israelites took breaks. So I’ve worked it into my writing plan. The last week of every second month, I’m taking the week off. Granted, I can’t get off from my day job, but I can at least attempt to NOT work over 40 hours a week.

All that being said, here’s how the goals are going!

2015 Projects

  • Blog
    • It’s turning into a place for comics, Originals posts and writing updates. Not sorry? Though I haven’t really had time to plan more. But a friend recently talked to me about how the thing that matters is the meaning of a story/post/whatever, not that content exists. It’s good advice. So what does that mean for my blog?
    • The stories still haven’t been edited. Maybe I need a way to reward myself?
    • Goal: Set up all the blogs for next week. Figure out a reward for a short story edit. Think through the emotional core of  the posts.
  • Novel
    • Not at all up to date with where I want to be on the outline, but I’m still jazzed about this story so that’s a plus. Other deadlines just got in the way. BUT I did update the previous chapters with the new information, so that’s exciting!
    • Goal: Finish the outline for the last ten chapters.
  • Scripts
    • Seaside Saints
      • NO TIME to look at Seaside. Still back burner.
      • Goal: Assess that class. I really want to take it.
    • New Pilot
      • Story Grid complete! Having a writing group is GREAT for goal setting. I’ll get notes throughout the week, but I don’t think I’ll have anything for the next writer’s group. What I’m going to be working on for next month is an outline!
        • Goal: Story Grid Draft 2
  • Radio Drama
    • HAHAHAHAHAHA Second Draft did NOT get done. In other news my buddy’s agreed to write some of the episodes, so that’ll be fun!
    • Goal: Get second draft done by next Sunday
  • Comics
    • Comics Writing class is tonight! Every Wednesday in fact. Tonight I present my outline that I have to finish because I missed class last week.
  • Wine & Comics
    • We’re off for a couple weeks so I have Fridays back which is weird.
    • I’ve been using the Twitter a fair amount, though I don’t know if the statistics have helped.
    • Goals: Tweet every day from W&C twitter, plan Jack Kirby day.
  • Solace
    • Currently on Hiatus, technically. Though if anyone knows how to turn on notifications on GoogleDocs, be a pal and let me know? STILL WANTING TO KNOW
  • Chicks with Scripts
    • Newsletter is OUT (and a little early HURRAY!!)

Thanks so much. Great meeting everyone, KICK ASS THIS WEEK!

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