Project Status Update: Girl Meets Deadlines

So maybe I’m a lot a little behind. But it’s OK! Keep moving forward, right?

2015 Projects

  • Blog
    • STILL TRYING TO FIGURING THIS THING OUT but maybe that’s the fun of it?
    • STILL need to edit those stories. Ugh. How does one edit short stories? What are you even looking for it to be?
    • Goal: Set up all the blogs for next week. Ish.
  • Novel
    • So I no longer have a critiquor (not for bad reasons!) but that’s OK, I’m determined to finish the outline. And I’m so close, guys. SO close. I started watching Girl Meets World for inspiration and it’s really helped. I think we’re going to make it!
    • Goal: Update all chapters with new information that I developed in the last few weeks. Finish three chapter outlines.
  • Scripts
    • Seaside Saints
      • I don’t really think I can afford to take this class. It’s pretty expensive and my income is no where close to making. Might have to just fix it up myself.
      • Goal: Assess damage and see what I need to fix and who I can ask for help.
    • New Pilot
      • My writing group is psyched for the pilot! Hurray! Apparently it’s OK that there’s another show out there, it’s literally NOTHING like the idea I have.
        • Goal: Make Story Grid
  • Radio Drama
    • I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT AND IT’S AWESOME. Showed it to a few friends who had little to say. So…moving forward with the next episode?
    • Goal: Get second draft done by next Wednesday
  • Comics
    • Comics Writing class is tonight! Every Wednesday in fact. Tonight I pitch my very very rough idea. We will see what they say!
      • Goal: Don’t cry at criticism
  • Wine & Comics
    • I’ve been using the Twitter a fair amount, though I don’t know if the statistics have helped.
    • Goals: Tweet every day from W&C twitter, plan Jack Kirby day. And do the show, of course. (Still have to accomplish these things. And finish Daredevil.)
  • Solace
    • Currently on Hiatus, technically. Though if anyone knows how to turn on notifications on GoogleDocs, be a pal and let me know?
  • Chicks with Scripts
    • Newsletter on hiatus until end of the month!
    • Goal: To write!

Thank you so much. Great meeting everyone and KICK ASS THIS WEEK!

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