Meghan Fitzmartin

LALivin: LA Baby

I’ve dreamed of living in Los Angeles since I was a senior in high school (spoiler alert, that was quite a while ago), but my first visit was actually two years earlier. My mom had a conference she wanted to attend and asked if I wanted to tag along, to see what ‘that west coast livin” is all about (nailed that impersonation). As the oldest of five children who never really had that many adventures (except in disappointing people), I jumped at the opportunity to explore someplace that wasn’t The South.


Shameless Self Promotion: Wine and Comics

Do you like (hearing people drink and talk about crappy) wine?

Do you like (listening to people argue over) comics?

Do you like (sitting in your car for hours in traffic while playing) podcasts?

Then Wine + Comics is the podcast for you!

What is Wine + Comics you ask? Well thank you, I’m so glad you did!


Adulting: Goodwill Hunting

I will never understand the mindset of buying clothes full price from a store focusing more on how people look when they’re undressed (I got my birthday suit for free, thanks). What if, for the same price of that shirt, I bought a whole outfit? Wouldn’t that make me a more beneficial adult? Doesn’t that mean I’m hashtag budgeting? Am I officially Adulting? These questions (and more!) are why I have a hard time buying things from a store.

Enter Goodwill.


BiCoastal Binging: The OGs – Episodes 1 & 2

Obligatory Psychotic Jackass

Obligatory Psychotic Jackass

Recently, my dear internet friend Diane and I discovered that our favorite TV bad boy is coming back to the silver screen (well, the actor is. But he can’t help but play to his strengths). We could barely contain our excitement until we realized what show he would appear on The Originals, a spinoff of Vampire Diaries. Wed both watched a couple seasons of the original series (see what I did there?) but had decided not to continue on (becausewhy?). But our love for Logan Echolls trumps our annoyance of mediocre television, so weve decided to watch the show and share our thoughts so we can be fully prepared for the day Jason Dohring graces our weeknights again.

Meghan is in regular font.

Diane is in italics.


Comics Matchmaker: Intro

If you’ve known me for any length of time, either as an acquaintance on the street complimenting my super cool Batman shirt or as a longtime stalker remembering the unfortunate crush on Tobey Maguire I unashamedly sported because he ’embodied’ Spiderman (may the franchise rest in peace), then you know of my severe and abiding love for superhero comics.

Seriously, I've never been this happy since.

Picture courtesy of Longtime Stalker.


Hoop-de-do Review: UnREAL

About a year or so ago I went to one of the many wonderful events Los Angeles has to offer — NerdMelt’s Genre Smash. An event co-hosted with the WGA-W, NerdMelt brings wonderful writers to the backroom of one of the most well known comic book shops in LA.


ExploreCali: Cabazon Dinosaurs

California is the freakin’ bomb dot com. Seriously, if you’re even googling ‘moving to California’ for some sort of fair and balanced approach, I’m about as unbiased as a Fox news report. I’m privileged to live in my favorite state in the whole wide world and I love being able to explore all the crazy things California has to offer.

And believe me, there are so many things.


Follow The Bouncing Ball: Broad-Shouldered Beasts by Mumford & Sons

I have this annoying habit. Well, I have many annoying habits, but this one is something I’m actually almost embarrassed about.

I’m not your typical music listener. I have a couple friends who basically listen to music for their job and while I’ve never seen them hard at work, in my head there’s loads of PBR as everyone sits around with their thick rimmed glasses and tap their feet in an obliging manner and smile at me condescendingly, ‘Why, they’re just too popular for my tastes.’ Yes, all my friends are from the 1920s, KEEP UP.

However, I’m very loyal. When I find a song, I stick with it. Like that kid in middle school who you were nice to one time and they took it as a promise of everlasting friendship, I listen to that song over and over again, reading the lyrics until they are tattooed to my heart and until the song is no longer words strung together but pure, unrefined emotion.

It’s in that emotion where I meet the Maker, either of the song or the melody.


But WHY: The Middle Finger

I’m cursed with an insatiable passion for origin stories. I don’t believe I can totally understand a thing until I see the dark, gritty reality where the idea formed, the basement of littered memories and whisps of thoughts that never came to fruition but instead bore something completely different.

A noble passion, but in the wrong hands that power can be used for evil.

Case in point, today we’re talking about the origins of the middle finger in it’s day job as “obscene gesture.”


Stupid White Girl Trip #1

Exhibit A: Stupid White Girls

Exhibit A: Stupid White Girls

I pride myself on being a rational, intelligent human being. Extremely careful, I didn’t even break bones as a child, preferring to sit in my room and read about OTHER people breaking bones. A lot less work on my part and one less trip to the doctor for me and my four siblings. I’ve since developed a reputation for being careful all through life, refusing to climb past the fences blocking off the Hollywood sign because I didn’t want to get in trouble (also, we live in California where we have the BAD snakes.) So, in 2012 when my roommate suggested leaving for San Diego in two minutes, never mind the fact that we’d have no place to stay, no money to spend and no foreknowledge of the city other than the name probably meaning ‘whale vagina’, I obviously said yes.