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BiCoastal Binging: The OGs 19 & 20

We are officially down to the final episodes of season 1 and it’s getting good! So good. Now if Netflix could just put up season 2 I wouldn’t have to use an Amazon gift card to get the episodes so we can watch it. Bad work, Netflix.

But seriously though, any ideas on how to watch the next season? I’m going to be aching like a junkie watching Breaking Bad, it’s just going to be bad.

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Ep 19: An Unblinking Death 

image1Previously on The Originals — why is this like a century long?



Our love for Josh may be the most consistent thing about this whole series.

Oh, this is amazing, Josh is helping Cami with her psychopathic uncle. My love for Josh grows by the episode.  

Josh is a precious baby.


BiCoastal Binging: The OGs 17 & 18

Guys, its almost September and Diane and I arent even prepared. Sorry were a little inconsistent with getting these out in a timely manner, but we sure have fun doing it for you! Cheers to more timely posts next week!

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Ep 17 – Moon Over Bourbon Street

The best part of the previously on’s is seeing Hayley’s naked werewolf husband.

The worst part is having to live through the Klaus and Rebekah break up again. Cries for DAYZ.

Klaus is like super deep because he paints. - Diane

Klaus is like super deep because he paints. – Diane

Ugh. Weve got voice overs again.

Shirtless Marcel is my favorite Marcel.

Why does this opening scene look the opening for an X-Men series? I want a live action X-Men series!


BiCoastal Binging: The OGs Eps 15 & 16

This episode is a little late. Last week was a tad crazy, but we’re back and going strong!

Going to do things a little differently this entry, as Meghan’s feels were just so strong I thought I would just let her take the reigns and pop in some responses to her own explosive feels. To preface, there are some trigger warnings in this episode for abuse. I feel like years ago I wouldn’t have to even type the words trigger warning, but we are living in a tumblr world and I want to be safe. 

Episode 15: Le Grand Guignol

Blah blah blah all the things that have happened that would be needed if I werent working so hard through this show and feeling all the emotions because, lest you forget, ELIJAH STABBED KLAUS AND IT WAS HEARTBREAKING.

When Elijah feels we all feel. K?! K.

Elijah feeling feels. This should have been our warning.

Elijah feeling feels. This should have been our warning.


Comics Matchmaker: Green Arrow – Quiver

Not sure what will keep you going on yet another sad, lonely Monday? Fear not, for your next comic match is around the corner.


It’s a DC-type of day today and we’re looking at one of my absolute favorites (no, I don’t say that about all of them). Written by Kevin Smith (yes, okay, THAT Kevin Smith but if you’re thinking this match is only great for potheads and 90s nostalgia, I’ve got so much to tell you) we meet Oliver Queen having just come back from the dead. Actual dead, like DEATH dead (this is comic book land, everyone’s been dead at least once.) After a great sacrificial story, Queen comes back and starts living in a rich, gay dude’s mansion with a teenaged prostitute while his son Conner’s wears “the hood” and Black Canary dates Doctor Mid-Nite (the owl hero we don’t care much about because this is Oliver’s story.)


1st Watch: Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know this movie existed. Even when Netflix announced the series they were making as a prequel, I thought it was some sort of John Hughes movie I didn’t know about. Also, it came out in 2001. I was kind of a recluse then, so there’s no way I would have known about anything unless it was made before 1960.

And then, come to find out PAUL RUDD is in it?! Amy Poeler?! Bradley Cooper?! Did we even know who those people were in the early 90s? I took a brief poll on Facebook to see if there was any way I didn’t have to watch the movie and could just skip straight to the series with all my favorite people but apparently there were strong opinions on the matter.

Screenshot 2015-08-09 20.07.10

Granted, I asked on Facebook aka Home of All Opinions.

So here we are, doing another 1st Watch. I know I said it would be Rocky Horror, but since they don’t have a series coming out any time soon, that got rescheduled.

All I know are what the above comments said. So, abstract American Pie. And I can only guess there will be sex (very different from my camp experience.) Someone needs to have a summer fling before the end of camp (like a John Hughes movie)?

Anyway, ready, set and HERE WE GOOOOOO


Philosophical Theology: Brain Furniture

Have you noticed there aren’t a lot of philosophers anymore? I’m sure we still have them around somewhere. I imagine them like minstrels from the medieval times, wanderers who randomly shout out thoughts and sayings from street corners until they speak something so profound that their words get turned into a book and we read it like we knew they were wise all along and not just some hack on the street with visions of change floating around in his noggin.

I don’t claim to be a philosopher. But I think America has lost the art of sitting and thinking about an idea for a while. We’ve forgotten the practice of recess, letting our thoughts take a spin through the blocked up corners of our brains to find what we’ve hidden away over the years.


BiCoastal Bingeing: The OGs 13 & 14

Episode 13: Crescent City

As always your key to understanding:

Meghan: Regular Font

Diane: Italics

For the first time, Im choosing to watch The Originals instead of feeling like I have to (though Ive currently got a much more pressing deadline for something else BUT IM JUST LOVING THIS SHOW. Plus everyone kept sending me Elijah pictures today at work.) and in exchange she sent me shirtless pictures while I WAS at work.



Comics Matchmaker – Black Widow: The Name of the Rose

The best thing about Mondays are hot coffee, slower mornings, and the newest comic bachelor (or bachelorette in this case) to peruse for your viewing pleasure!


And we’re back to Marvel, from the not too distant past of 2011. Written by Marjorie Liu, a writer I’d never read before about a character that I’ve only barely seen (she doesn’t pop up much for the Fantastic Four, who are kind of the opposite of spies.) Yet at this point I feel like we know so much about Black Widow; from her growing up in the Red Room, her impressive spy skills, her slow aging process (OK, you might not know that if you’re only up to date on the MCU version), there’s a lot that’s generally known about Black Widow, so I was excited to read a little more in depth about her character.


ExploreCali: Bombay Beach

2015-06-04 14.41.28

Waiting for Furiosa to teach me how to rock so hard.

Know what was possibly the best movie, hands down, of summer 2015? Mad Max. (Unless you said Magic Mike XXL, in which case you’re my hero.)

It’s a story of man fighting against the odds, powerless and alone in a dusty, dry desert where water is god (but the gods are against them.) A cool world, wouldn’t you say?

Well, that world can be found in bright, living color in a place called Bombay Beach.


BiCoastal Binging: The OGs 11 & 12

So, it’s been a pretty awful couple of days. No dehydration issues, thankfully (get better, Diane!) but mostly people issues and man am I reminded that sometimes I hate humans just as much as Klaus does (that’s a terrible thought, let’s move right along.)

Update: I am feeling better. Special shout to Meghan for editing two entries this week as I am catching up with life and by life I mean my job that pays the bills.

Key to Understanding:

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Episode 11 – Après Moi, Le Déluge

I’m really excited about this episode. My dear friend Stephanie (who, if you’re reading on my blog, you’ll remember from the Africa post) has become an Originals addict like ourselves and has superseded our knowledge in her quest for shirtless Elijah (do we ever get it? Can we?) All I know about this episode is her all caps frenzied emotions so it bodes well for me tonight.

Oh, interesting. Has the ‘Previously ons’ ever been done by a NON Original? Go ahead, Davina, squeak out.

Just in case you forgot where we left off Tuesday, Hayley attempted to be more than pregnant and instead may have ruined everything by bringing back a crazy witch who may be able to kill little Davina and also get between Hayley and Elijah WAY TO GO, HAYLEY UGH.