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Comics Matchmaker: The Astonishing X-Men – Gifted

It’s a Marvel week for you comic loving hopefuls and I can think of no better bachelor than not one, not two, but a whole slew for your perusal (and with daddy issues galore, for all you bad boy types.)

That’s right, I’m talking about the X-Men, but not just any X-Men story, this one helms from one of the greatest writers himself – Joss Whedon.


I was never actually a huge X-Men fan. My love for Fantastic Four aside, when there’s a book revolving around more than four characters, I get a little lost. I’ve never been a fan of Justice League comics, Teen Titans are all too whiney, and the Avengers swamp partners more than a square dance.

But this…I had to give it a shot. For the love of Whedon.


Wine & Comics: Daredevil Vol 2

2015-04-24 17.55.51

Be sure to catch up on Wine & Comics as we read through Daredevil! I find ways to talk about Fantastic Four, Topher accepts feelings in comic books, and we drink wine out of something that looks like a coconut water box.

You can also download the podcast here!

Daredevil Volume 2 Part 1

Daredevil Volume 2 Part 2


BiCoastal Bingeing: The OGs S2 Ep 3 & 4

Full disclosure, I’m in a weird place because I’ve been watching SO MUCH Girl Meets World and it’s a really different headspace than this show so that will be interesting.

Further proof Meghan and I are brain twins, I too have been watching a lot of Girl Meets World and have even gotten into following the tag on Tumblr, now if she ships the same crack I do on the show we can both accept our destiny to be thirteen year old girls.

Ready, set, GO.

Episode 3: Every Mothers Son

Esther continues to be the Julia Childs of magic spells. Oh no. Just kidding, she’s the Julia Childs of killing her children. 

Julia Childs cooking children. There’s a Hannibal fan fiction somewhere in here.

These poor babies really can’t get a break from their terrible parents.

The Mikelsons literally take the cake for worst parents on television, I mean Mikael is the ANTI- Keith Mars. (As previously discussed Keith Mars is the dad which I hold all TV dads to. How, my threshold will be from Mikael to Keith.)

I made this for Diane.



BiCoastal Bingeing: The OGs S2 Ep 1 & 2

We did it. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, we managed to find a way to watch season 2 (at least until Netflix finally gets with the program.) Whos ready for the same level of heartbreak IF NOT MORE???

Last Season – Klaus and Hayley had a baby but no love triangle. Nikita turned out not to be a human but a werwolf in a great twist. Jax Wolf is the worst. Elijah is the best. Klaus and Rebekah feel the feely feels for each other by yelling at each other ALL THE TIME. Mama Esther came back as a teenager as did vampire killing vampire Mikael so were in for a fun family reunion. And Josh is still adorable, alive and gay.

Lets get to it!

Meghan is regular font.

Diane is italicized font. 


Episode 1: Rebirth

We start off with Rebekah telling about her majesticbrother so we are starting the incest early. But shes telling Hope a bed time story of what happened last time and Ill be honest, Im a fan of this last time on. At least I can see cute pictures of babies. BABY HOPE.

Aww. Hope and Bekah are seriously the sweetest things right now. This will not last long. Nope. Just can’t. Especially since it’s the previously on. I actually like this storytelling thing, reminds me of the Shameless ones where a character pretty much tells us why we suck for missing the previous week, when we actually haven’t, but are forced to watch it anyway. Whatever.

So apparently in the interim, Klaus has literally shut down and everyone left, except Elijah who stands by him always.

Elijah is literally the only person who loves Klaus enough to stand by him through anything. KlauLijah is forever. Poor Klaus is just completely done.

THEIR LITTLE PRINCESS. Now that baby Hope is born, the cuteness factor is going to be at high levels and I CANT HANDLE level.

So apparently crazy wolf lady and her wolf brothers are still around and Elijah is kowtowing to them. BUT A RING this is important.

Oh right, the moonlight rings!

Im missing a crucial color to my palate, the blood of my enemy.Klaus, ever the drama queen.

Klaus maybe depressed as all heck but a chance to deliver a good one liner is just not something he’ll ever pass up.

THANK YOU Elijah for pointing out that maybe Hopes parents should help each other out and not consider the other a donor. Aw, apparently all the people Elijah loves are icing him out.

Elijah is the moral compass of this show. I love him forever and ever. I read something earlier today about his Elijah was supposed to be this one off character on TVD and I’m so happy that didn’t pan out because he is my king.

Hayley feels the feels when she finds a doll baby and she misses her little one.

Hayley is a mother who was forced to give up her child. Her sadness resonates through out this season. She should be there with Hope. It’s just not fair the circumstances Hope is in.

Marcel and Cami are still getting it on. Still way more invested in this than Marcel and Rebekah. But man Cami is really fulfilling that exposition role.

No more exposition from Hayley, I guess since Cami is about that life now. Also she is still banging Marcel. This is important? I guess? Whatever.

Davina is back in high school! Good job, baby witch.

Davina is back in school and I’m glad she’s trying to live the normal life, but the voice inside my head is like, Davina, baby girl, this won’t last.

Cami is playing therapist for Marcel now. Shes not wrong (as usual.) Marcel should just move.

UGH OMG I THOUGHT WE KILLED JAX WOLF WHY IS HE STILL AROUND. And hes still being the worst, ratting on a vampire who was minding his own business.

Nikita is going CRAZY with fear of Klaus. Good, because she killed Klauskid so there should be some fear (well, you know what I mean.)

Good, be scared Nikita. Keep yourself in check because we know who the real big bad is around here and it ain’t you, chump!

OH. RIGHT. The new witch lady is MAMA MIKAELSON.

Camis come to visit the beast in the west wing (thats Klaus. Were pulling out the Beauty and the Beast tropes.) But why is he playing this weird cat and mouse, hide and seek game?

Klaus was the beast to Caroline’s Belle too. Hence my theory that Cami’s role was originally Caroline’s is still valid.

Theres something heartbreaking about Elijah playing Klausemotional protector.


That is the nice thing about this new season, at least the Hardy Boys arent fighting anymore.


Josh!! My only reason for living, okay not really but, Josh!

Ugh. Marcel has a storyline and I still dont care about him.

Bathroom break. It’s Marcel.

He did a whole speech to try and find vampires but hes essentially trying to replace his Klaus Papa. But its fine, he doesnt need to because Klaus comes to find him.

Elijah finally gets a minute to grieve. Meanwhile Hayley comes over and they have a moment but that moment is mostly Hayley angry grieving at Elijah and Elijah taking it because thats what Elijah does.

This is not the Elijah and Hayley moment I wanted, though.

Its a scene with Mikael but I really love this music.


Elijah expresses his feelings towards the wigs.

Know what I also love? What Davinas treating Mikael like hes her shelter pet. Shes such a high schooler but shes REAL smart. Im  always so impressed with her.

Lol at Mikael being Davina’s bitch.

Klaus is finally going to tell Marcel that Hopes alive?

Oh, nope. Hes just looking for the white oak stake. Which we just saw in the last scene, so Klaus is going to find out Papa Mikael is alive soon.

No, but I know this Joe kid, right? Hes a dude weve seen on the telly before? I mean, I like him. But Im also afraid hes not long for this world. (Of course I said that about Josh and look how wrong I was about that thank God.)

Joe was in a lot of things, but I think I remember him from Constantine.

Now the Hardy Boys are arguing over the werewolf fight we all so desperately want. Wait, I spoke too soon.

OK. I dont care anymore that you look like Charlie Hunam Ive decided to hate you. But also important, why are you just hanging around a record store?

I hate Jax Wolf, I don’t care what his abs looking.

Hayley is part of the family fighting plan! I need Klaus and Hayley to be a form of bros. Likethey need some dynamic.

Klaus and Hayley are so bad ass when they are together. Too bad this was never ever really explored as anything, cause like, yeah.

They even roped Cami into their secret plans. The gang is back! Yay! (Now if only my secret wish for Cami and Hayley to be best friends can be realized.)

Nikita just promised to rip Hayleys heart out and my first thought was You cant do that to a pregnant person!Which I think means that Hayley was pregnant for far too long.

Nikita threatening Hayley is the same person peeing her pants cause she knows Klaus is going to find her, right? Cause I mean…like…

This is a pretty ingenious plan. Good job, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. This montage music is perfect. (I could have sworn we were going to have the ring be more of a problem for much longer in the series. I should have known better, this is from the same people who brought us The Originals.)



We were so close.

Why won’t Jax Wolf JUST DIE?!?! Ughhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh good, Klaus got his blood paint.

How is Elijah getting into Nikitas house? Im excited to find out. Did he just kill the guy who owned it? OH. WAIT. ITS A PUBLIC HOUSE. READY SET GO, ELIJAH.

Elijah, what do you mean Nikita escaped?!

Oh, false alarm. Nancy Drews got this, guys.

So is Josh the new Newsie? Except hes infinitely better.

Meghan, please. Newsie could never hold a candle next to the adorable cutie that is Josh. He is so much more loyal too.

Time to take a minute to gush about how we love New Orleans, despite not having any cajun accents or barely mentioning Katrina.

I would forget this show took place in New Orleans if they didn’t mention it every episode because there is rarely anything that is even indicative of that.

Rocker chick is back and anyone else think she looks like Faith?

Hayley is F R E A K I N G out. Every moment with Hayley and Elijah hurts. Mostly because shes a hybrid and theyre both having a hard time with that. Man, that was a heart hurting moment, we are all of us broken.

We got an accent guys! But, you know, some sort of weird European accent because this show makes sense.

I read Meghan’s notes on this before finishing up this entry and I was like OH AN ACCENT…and it’s not a Cajun…even true blood had a Cajun accent. TRUE BLOOD, that show stopped making sense after a season. Do better Originals.

Elijah, continuing to take care wait, everybody, shut up. Klaus is taking responsibility for his actions. Realized that he should have just accepted Hayleys pregnancy. He even apologizes for losing the white oak stake, because he knows it could kill Elijah too. And yet Elijah still stands with him and takes care of him by destroying the rings and tells him how to comfort the mother of his child.

I am such a sucker for a good Klaus and Elijah scene.

TEAM COUNSELOR CAMI. I would be upset about the Cami and Marcel break up except I know we will see Marcel shirtless again.

Don’t worry, Marcel will be shirtless again soon enough. There’s no keeping a shirt on a good looking man on The CW.

Klaus and Hayley bonding and thank you, I definitely asked for this moment and I have received it as a wonderful gift. Hayley is the wolvesqueen and shes Klausqueen as well. Hes accepted her into the family. Thank you for this scene, writers. I know itll only take a minute of time before Klaus messes this all up but I will enjoy it in the meantime.


A portrait of a modern family.

Are we taking bets on how long it will take for Klaus to muck up his relationship with the mother of his adorable baby girl? I give it half an episode.


What?! Both the dead Mikaelsson brothers are back?! And one of them is weirdly accented boy, no less! I cant wait for this family reunion, as it will hurt about as much as everything else on this show.

Excuse my heart eyes at Daniel Sharman aka Isaac Lahey aka The audio book voice of Clockwork Princess aka beautiful boy I have heart eyes for.


Heart eye emojis on point.

Episode 2: Alive and Kicking

Still cant escape the previously ons.

It seems we have another flashback. And do we plan on awful wigs? Oh, there they are! AND its the Kol from Vampire Diaries! Oh, yes, I remember how awful Kol was to his brothers. Maybe I dont miss the other Mikaelsons. And it seems that present day Kol has his grubby eyes set on Davina.

Davina, watch yourself. On the other hand I am anticipating shipping it.


Because…look at him.

Why is there a dead lady on the Mikaelsson doorstep? Ah, Hayley. Taking a bath in Elijahs presence. and he proves to be made of stronger stuff than Id hope.

If I were Elijah I would be like dang, girl!

Elijah comes to Klaus and ends up with relationship advice. Maybe not the kind of advice he wanted though. The mother of your child deserves more than just fine!

So because hes pissed at his family, he goes to Marcel and has more flashbacks of awful wigs.

All of these terrible wigs had to have been stolen from the set of Angel, right?

OO. A dynamic we havent seen before! Marcel and ElijahBring me this dynamic. Oh no, this flashback features a drunk, jealous Klaus. Im guessing the theme of this episode is the brothersmisunderstanding the needs of the other. Klaus wants for Elijah to let go and be free. Elijah wants Klaus to show some constraint and care. Klaus and Elijah both want to protect their family, they just have different ways of going about it.

But just because Elijah tries to save everyone, doesnt mean hes not above threats that actually mean something. Marcel WILL find the white oak stake.

So, did Mikael and Esther actually love each other or? Like, how did they make five kids?

This was a time before TV so I’m guessing sex was the only form of entertainment. So sex, lots of sex.

Mama Esther is making tons of moonlight rings for a werewolf army because she doesnt approve of vampires? The creatures SHE made? Esther, what is your damage?


The crazier you are, the better you strut. See also America’s Next Top Model.

Esther, I’m glad you created vampires and now you’re like fuck this shit!

A Hardy Boy is teaching Nancy Drew how to be a queen. Its really good for the two of them to be in the woods and arguing their grief out. The fact that they have this shared grief (and shared hybrid status) makes them actually close. And then Klaus smiles proudly at her!

As much as we know this show loves the incest vibes, I’m getting a sibling chemistry from Hayley and Klaus.


That’s the best line in the whole blog post.

Elijah keeps having these flashbacks heavily featuring Kol like he feels his brothers presence and not like it has anything to do with the plot.

Big brother Marcel is adorbs. Until he gets caught working with Elijah. 

Hardy Boy Elijah hard at work!

The other Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew found the pack! And she makes a heartfelt speech but Jax Wolf fights back and Klaus is not happy with the lack of respect given his baby mama.

Can we just kill Jax Wolf already? He’s annoying and he’s wearing too much clothes when he speaks. He’s becoming obsolete in my enjoyment of this series.

And now we get to see how Marcel was abused by the Mikaelson gang. But theres a resolution amongst the Hardy Boys when they both hate on flashback Kol for his abuse of Marcel. They may not always agree on the methods, but they will always agree on the motive.

Man, Kol sucks so much.

Time for Klaus to meet Mama Esther. But is he going to find out that its Mama Esther?

Klaus threatens Esther but shes just like I aint even bothered.

I appreciate that Kol and Davina can bond over mommy issues. But I think Kol started a fight to charm Davina into telling her secret. And now Kol knows his Papa is alive and well. Oh no, Davina lost her bracelet. I mean, we all knew it would happen with how often they kept referencing it.


If Davina’s hair was a little more poofier, she would be just like almost every other teenager at a Texas BBQ.

Davina losing her bracelet is not cute at all. Papa and mama Milkelson and their cray cray on the loose is not cute.

Elijah flies in to save Davina and comes face to face with his Papa. OH NO HE MIGHT KILL ELIJAH. Davina rescued him but now we all know Mikael is alive andwell, that happened.

Meanwhile Klaus is about to realize hes having tea with his mama. But not after he tells her about how awful Mama Esther was. Maybe he already knows? Nope. Apparently not.

Klaus definitely knows this chick is Esther. He has so many mommy issues he can smell her from a mile away.

It isnt as bad yet, well, apparently Klaus knows Cassie is Mama Esther. But its about to be worse. The broken Hardy Boys are so scared and the look on their faces at the realization their awful parents are back to hurt them more.

Elijah always sacrifices. The parallels between this flashback and the present are real.

No. No no no no no. These are the words I utter as Elijah breaks Marcels heart. Maybe Im crying real tears, WE JUST STARTED THE SEASON. This isnt a good sign.

It’s too early for this misty eyed bullshit.

Elijah. Still sacrificing. Stop. Stop stop stop.

That was AWFUL.

Kol, realizing his mother is awful. Welcome to reality.

Side note, was this kid on Teen Wolf? Isaac? Diane, help me out!

Yup! And he also narrated The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess Audio book.

Go ahead Kol. Tell them your fathers back. Oh wait, do you really not remember? That cant be right. Even with a concussion, youd remember your abusive Papa.

I still stand by my observation from last season. This show is more about Elijah. At least, the writers are more interested in Elijah. And in all the ways Elijah can be tortured.

If they put Elijah through the ringer this season I will riot. Poor Elijah just needs and deserves THE BEST.

Way to end on a passive aggressive note, Marcel. Remember how I hate you?

Marcel, we had this discussion last season. You are not a good bad guy. You are in fact a terrible bad buy because you literally do not hate the people you are up against, you just come off as a kicking screaming child that did not get his way and that is not cute.

Guys, this season is only going to make the tears fall harder.

I can smell the sadness in season 2, but I also think I could find a ship in Davina and Kol. Also my poor sweet Elijah, I hope you find happiness soon.

See you Thursday!

Obsession of the Week: Girl Meets World

Currently, I’m working on a young adult novel about a girl in high school. Since I’m no longer a girl in high school (shocker, I know. They kick you out after you’re old enough to drink) I decided I should get in the mood a little bit. I’m what some might call a method writer. If I’m writing sci-fi I go to the Griffith Observatory, if I’m writing a western, I drive out to Simi Valley and rustle some cattle if I’m writing a murder mystery, I…OK, I just don’t write murder mysteries. So, when I’m writing a YA story, I like to tap into my inner teenager. I pull out the Sum 41 and Simple Plan playlists, I reread old xanga posts, I cringe at old pictures. But this story is proving to be a royal pain (mostly because it’s my first novel I’m actually trying) and nothing’s been working.

So I watched Girl Meets World.


A little history, I wasn’t allowed to watch it’s predecessor, Boy Meets World. We didn’t have a TV and what media we could consume was moderated using a complex matrix that still alludes my logic even to this day. In my later years I got a little caught up but I’d never been truly swept away in the phenomenon like so many of my contemporaries.

But I understood the allure. I understood the passion and heart that made the show such a hit. And I wanted that to happen again.

My love and guiding purpose in life is, if you haven’t heard me rant about this before, writing for teenagers. Writing stories that affect them and teach them and love them. Teenagers are so important and so amazing and all I want to do is give them confidence in this – that they are important and that they are loved.

Girl Meets World proves to me that this world can exist.

Not only do I find myself sobbing like a newborn in literally every episode as they find ways to touch my heart and teach me lessons that, even at twenty-six, I still need to hear. But they don’t talk down to kids. They don’t make them stupid. Sure, they’re goofy and hurt and broken and weird. But they aren’t stupid. And neither are the parents. They’re all just trying to grow in this world. And some are better at it than others. There are better parents than others, better adults than others, but at the end of the day there’s always someone who loves them.

It’s just the kind of inspiration I needed.

Comics Matchmaker: Bruce Wayne Murderer?

A problem that I’m finding myself running into a lot currently is just simply how many bachelors I’ve given away in my own collection. But with treats these good, who can pass them up?

And today’s book is definitely for those of you who find yourself leaning more on the emotional side of things (maybe you’ve dated one too many musicians. We don’t judge here.)


Another story that Topher and I discussed on the podcast Wine and Comics (if you want to hear a little of the backstory, read my recent post about itBruce Wayne, Murderer isn’t your normal Batman story. This combination of all the Bat family makes this more of a packaged deal, one that won’t disappoint those of you who favor the slow, more deliberate side of things.


Comics Matchmaker: Daredevil – Vol 1

Afraid that you won’t ever find that perfect comic book that makes you happy? Fear not, comic book searcher, I have the book to take away all your fears.

Get it? He's the "man without fear."

Get it? He’s the “man without fear.” #DadJokes

As some of you may know, I co-host a podcast with my good friend Topher called Wine and Comics (if you want to hear a little of the backstory, read my recent post about it.) Currently we’re working through Mark Waid’s Daredevil and I knew this dashing bachelor was the kind of man you’d take home and cuddle next to a fire with (unless you live in Los Angeles, in which case you’ll more than likely spend your time with this devious Daredevil at a hipster park drinking lemonade from Lemonade just to be ironic.)


Ode Fridays – New LA Love

When I moved to LA, I simply knew of your existence.

You were just another name in an overcrowded list to try and sway me

But I only believed lies about you, your taste.

How wrong I was, Brussel Sprouts.


The way you taste all slathered in butter, unequal to any comparison.

I believed those lies once, that you were less than desirable.

But now I accept you. Sauteed or baked in garlic, I don’t care.

You are, and will always be, my vegetable love.


The only excepting, and it’s sad but true,

The fact is, Brussel Sprouts,

I might love Kale more than you.

BiCoastal Binging: The OGS 21 & 22

Okay we are down to crunch time. Final 2 episodes of season 1, here we come! Now if only Netflix were to upload season 2, like…yesterday.

I’m at such a strange place in this blog right now. I’m anxious to watch more, I’ve actually been dying to watch the next episode since Saturday. But the plan was to watch it Tuesday and here we are and now I’m terrified because we’ve got only two more left of this season AND THEN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO LORD SEND THE RAM (an Old Testament joke, everyone.)

My whining aside, let’s get to it like Michael Bolton in a Lonely Island music video.

Diane in italics.
Meghan in regular.

Episode 21 – The Battle of New Orleans

Jax Wolf and Jackson are driving around town and then get stopped by creepy Marcel and his cops. Well, this Is going to end terribly.

Jax Wolf it’s a damn good thing you look like Charlie Hunam because you are getting on my last nerve and I’m not just talking about getting all up on Wolf Hubby’s ass about Hayley (WHO IS TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH ELIJAH) but also you killed Eve and I’m still not over that.


“I can’t believe I’m stuck in a car with this murdering loser.”

“You need me around to lighten the mood.” I love Josh. I also love Josh and Davina and their cuteness. She’s worried for him. Aww.

Josh has a daylight ring! (And is still gay…truly the saddest thing in this whole show HE JUST ASKED DAVINA IF THEY ARE BREAKING UP I love everything about them.)

Klaus is making another agreement with Genevieve. But with his clothes on this time, which is probably why it didn’t work.

Klaus offers Genevieve protection because they have sex. Haha. Hahahahaahahhaahahahaha. Oh. I’m sorry. Were we blogging? Klaus made me laugh because he thought Genevieve is now in his debt or some shit because they bang. Okay, Klaus. You don’t have a magic penis.

But seriously, he’s gone so adult these last few episodes. I hate to say it but he’s a much more stable vampire without his incest-y sister around.


Project Status Update

Sometimes the life of a writer is lonely.

Not that I’m lonely, myself. I’m honestly hashtag blessed with an amazing community of both writers and nonwriters (I couldn’t live without either group). I’m already trying to figure out what kind of schedule I can maintain this coming month of September and I just cleaned my room for the first time in a month because chances are it won’t happen again for at least another few months weeks (sorry mom, you tried to instill those good habits in me. You just birthed a writer.)

But when I say lonely, I’m talking about the feet-slapping, mean streets lonely that exists even if you’re at a Starbucks with every other writer in Los Angeles also working on their screenplay. No matter if you’re a practiced writer or a baby writer, everyone experiences the very still, mind-numbing quiet of a blank page or, worse, a bad page. It’s during these times that you need to be loudest about progress, about the goals you make in order to fight the monsters of procrastination or depression. Even if there are many around you or no one around you, what matters most is what you do and how you speak out against the void.

At one of my old jobs, we used to have a Project Status Update meeting every week (well, there was a point it was happening every day. Those were some interesting times). There were so many projects to run through, going down the list to see where everyone was at and how they were doing that week with their responsibilities. It functioned as an information dump, but it also provided opportunities for encouragement and celebration.

So, this is my Project Status Meeting. I’ll let you know where I’m at and how I’m doing. And I honestly would love to hear from you. What projects are you working on? How are you doing?

You are not alone.

2015 Projects

  • Blog
    • I’d been doing great until last week, when I had a blog crisis. What am I doing? What do I want to do with this platform? Still trying to figure that out.
    • I found a slew of short stories I need to hardcore edit and throw up into the portfolio. Of course, I need to figure out how to write a short story first.
    • Goal: Set up all the blogs for next week.
  • Novel
    • It’s going to take SO LONG to write this novel. But I’m finally ironing out an outline that is actually helpful. Of course, I think I’m annoying the crap out of my wonderful critiquer who is amazing and wonderful. I just have a lot of insecurities when it comes to manuscript and I don’t know how to fight that.
    • Goal: Rework chapter one by the end of the week.
  • Scripts
    • Seaside Saints
      • This is one of my darker pilots. I love it a lot but it needs a LOAD of work. My favorite screenwriting teacher in the whole wide world, Script Anatomy, is having a rewrite class coming up and I know I need to take it but it’s a chunk of money and I need to figure out a way to pay for it.
      • Goal: To sign up for the rewrite class.
    • New Pilot
      • I was excited about this pilot until I found out there’s another show out there with the same characters. Different premise though. And it’s on Canadian television, so it doesn’t count right? I have my writer’s group soon and we pitch our upcoming projects. Hopefully they’ll have words of wisdom.
        • Goal: Pitch the pilot idea.
  • Radio Drama
    • The outline is almost done for this! A few more tweaks tomorrow then I should be ready to move on to the first draft on Saturday.
    • Goal: Knock out first draft on Saturday.
  • Comics
    • I’m taking a comics writing class coming up! So, until then, no goals until I have homework.
  • Wine & Comics
    • This week Topher and I discussed social media approaches. I’m using the twitter because I enjoy building twitter relationships and experimenting in developing there. My dad also told me about a free Jack Kirby show that we have to hit up because JACK KIRBY. Our schedules are so crazy though we should just plan it now.
    • Goals: Tweet every day from W&C twitter, plan Jack Kirby day. And do the show, of course.
  • Solace
    • Currently on Hiatus, technically. Though if anyone knows how to turn on notifications on GoogleDocs, be a pal and let me know?
  • Chicks with Scripts
    • The newsletter is coming up for the Chicks! I need to start getting that into play.
    • Goal: Write Newsletter

Thank you so much. Great meeting everyone and KICK ASS THIS WEEK!