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Project Status Update: Sabbath Week

You may have noticed that I was completely out of commission last week. Why you may ask? My body decided it couldn’t pull 55-60 hour work weeks, consistently pushing myself to not only do my day job but also be creative (on top of church stuff.) So having taken a solid look at my schedule and studying a little theology, I realized even the Israelites took breaks. So I’ve worked it into my writing plan. The last week of every second month, I’m taking the week off. Granted, I can’t get off from my day job, but I can at least attempt to NOT work over 40 hours a week.

All that being said, here’s how the goals are going!

2015 Projects

  • Blog
    • It’s turning into a place for comics, Originals posts and writing updates. Not sorry? Though I haven’t really had time to plan more. But a friend recently talked to me about how the thing that matters is the meaning of a story/post/whatever, not that content exists. It’s good advice. So what does that mean for my blog?
    • The stories still haven’t been edited. Maybe I need a way to reward myself?
    • Goal: Set up all the blogs for next week. Figure out a reward for a short story edit. Think through the emotional core of  the posts.
  • Novel
    • Not at all up to date with where I want to be on the outline, but I’m still jazzed about this story so that’s a plus. Other deadlines just got in the way. BUT I did update the previous chapters with the new information, so that’s exciting!
    • Goal: Finish the outline for the last ten chapters.
  • Scripts
    • Seaside Saints
      • NO TIME to look at Seaside. Still back burner.
      • Goal: Assess that class. I really want to take it.
    • New Pilot
      • Story Grid complete! Having a writing group is GREAT for goal setting. I’ll get notes throughout the week, but I don’t think I’ll have anything for the next writer’s group. What I’m going to be working on for next month is an outline!
        • Goal: Story Grid Draft 2
  • Radio Drama
    • HAHAHAHAHAHA Second Draft did NOT get done. In other news my buddy’s agreed to write some of the episodes, so that’ll be fun!
    • Goal: Get second draft done by next Sunday
  • Comics
    • Comics Writing class is tonight! Every Wednesday in fact. Tonight I present my outline that I have to finish because I missed class last week.
  • Wine & Comics
    • We’re off for a couple weeks so I have Fridays back which is weird.
    • I’ve been using the Twitter a fair amount, though I don’t know if the statistics have helped.
    • Goals: Tweet every day from W&C twitter, plan Jack Kirby day.
  • Solace
    • Currently on Hiatus, technically. Though if anyone knows how to turn on notifications on GoogleDocs, be a pal and let me know? STILL WANTING TO KNOW
  • Chicks with Scripts
    • Newsletter is OUT (and a little early HURRAY!!)

Thanks so much. Great meeting everyone, KICK ASS THIS WEEK!

Wine & Comics: Flash Rebirth Part 1

In episode twenty nine of Wine and Comics we start reading a new graphic novel, Flash Rebirth.


It’s a DC Comics story by Geoff Johns (Author), Ethan Van Sciver (Illustrator).

We also take a quiz about what superhero we’d love to hook up with and it gets a little too personal for me. Take the quiz too!…

Download the podcast here
Check us out on Twitter: @WineAndComics
Leave us a voice mail at: (818) 538-6199

LIVE on Periscope every Friday at 8pm PST at @TopherHarless.


Comics Matchmaker: Batman – War Games

I know, I know, more Batman you may ask? The thing is, my comic seekers, Batman is just the perfect bachelor. With so many stories to chose from there’s just always something for everyone!

And today’s book is definitely for those who find themselves looking at the world of comics and thinking “you know what this place needs? More gritty realism.” While, normally I couldn’t disagree with you more, I happen to love this book for specifically that purpose. Today’s story isn’t about heroes fighting intergalactic beings or strange visitors from another planet. It’s about the villains more likely to lurk on our street corners.

This week’s bachelor is about gang wars.

Right? How's that for gritty realism.

Right? How’s that for gritty realism.

This is, in fact, NOT a Batman book Topher and I have discussed on our podcast Wine and Comics (if you want to hear a little of the backstory, read my recent post about it) so this might be new to some of you folks. Yes, I love the Bat family and this book is no different. But unlike other Batman stories I’ve mentioned previously (ones mostly for those who look to add a little heart to their comic collection) this book has all the action and, even more important, all of the bad choices.


BiCoastal Bingeing: The OGs S2 Ep 7 & 8

Episode 7 – Chasing the Devil’s Tail


This is sweeter than it looks.

Babies! And Klaus watches over Elijah, he has to help his brother after years of his brother protecting him.

There is nothing I love more than KlauLijah on my morning commute to a long day at work.

Klaus falls into Hayley, furthering my desire to see them be close. Also theyre standing so close. And Klaus cares, doesnt want Haley to go see Mama Mikaelson!

Hayley and Klaus have more chemistry when they STAND NEXT TO EACH OTHER than when she and Jackson are supposed to have romantic moments. I get that Julie Plec didn’t want to mimic The OG’s predecessor, The Vamp D’s too much, but where there is a road of actor chemistry you hop on it and you ride it until the road ends or forks. Why you do, Julie? WHY YOU DO???  (Editor’s Note: Apparently it’s in the brothers’ contracts that there would be no love triangles allowed but why would you ruin this for the people? It’s not OUR fault you guys have chemistry! Thanks @TrueLoveBandB for the 411!)


Project Status Update: Girl Meets Deadlines

So maybe I’m a lot a little behind. But it’s OK! Keep moving forward, right?

2015 Projects

  • Blog
    • STILL TRYING TO FIGURING THIS THING OUT but maybe that’s the fun of it?
    • STILL need to edit those stories. Ugh. How does one edit short stories? What are you even looking for it to be?
    • Goal: Set up all the blogs for next week. Ish.
  • Novel
    • So I no longer have a critiquor (not for bad reasons!) but that’s OK, I’m determined to finish the outline. And I’m so close, guys. SO close. I started watching Girl Meets World for inspiration and it’s really helped. I think we’re going to make it!
    • Goal: Update all chapters with new information that I developed in the last few weeks. Finish three chapter outlines.
  • Scripts
    • Seaside Saints
      • I don’t really think I can afford to take this class. It’s pretty expensive and my income is no where close to making. Might have to just fix it up myself.
      • Goal: Assess damage and see what I need to fix and who I can ask for help.
    • New Pilot
      • My writing group is psyched for the pilot! Hurray! Apparently it’s OK that there’s another show out there, it’s literally NOTHING like the idea I have.
        • Goal: Make Story Grid
  • Radio Drama
    • I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT AND IT’S AWESOME. Showed it to a few friends who had little to say. So…moving forward with the next episode?
    • Goal: Get second draft done by next Wednesday
  • Comics
    • Comics Writing class is tonight! Every Wednesday in fact. Tonight I pitch my very very rough idea. We will see what they say!
      • Goal: Don’t cry at criticism
  • Wine & Comics
    • I’ve been using the Twitter a fair amount, though I don’t know if the statistics have helped.
    • Goals: Tweet every day from W&C twitter, plan Jack Kirby day. And do the show, of course. (Still have to accomplish these things. And finish Daredevil.)
  • Solace
    • Currently on Hiatus, technically. Though if anyone knows how to turn on notifications on GoogleDocs, be a pal and let me know?
  • Chicks with Scripts
    • Newsletter on hiatus until end of the month!
    • Goal: To write!

Thank you so much. Great meeting everyone and KICK ASS THIS WEEK!

BiCoastal Bingeing: The OGs S2 Ep 5 & 6

Ep 5: Red Door

You guys I still cant get over how anticlimactic that fight between Klaus and Mikael was. Like two bowling balls eyeballing each other from the gutter. 

Elijah vs Mikael was like one of those UFC matches you think will last longer than a second so you gather around the TV to watch and it lasts two seconds.

Now, bring me tortured Elijah, please.

That's more like it.

That’s more like it.


Wine & Comics: Daredevil Vol. 3 Pt 1

In episode twenty-seven of Wine and Comics we start reading the graphic novel, Daredevil Vol 3.


It’s a Marvel Comics story written by: Mark Waid (Author), Greg Rucka  (Author), Marco Checchetto (Illustrator), Chris Samnee (Illustrator), Khoi Pham (Illustrator)

We take a quiz about what X-Man we’d be. Take the quiz too!

You can download the podcast over on iTunes

Check us out on Twitter: @WineAndComics
Leave us a voice mail at: (818) 538-6199

LIVE on Periscope every Friday at 8pm PST at @TopherHarless.

Comics Matchmaker: The Astonishing X-Men – Gifted

It’s a Marvel week for you comic loving hopefuls and I can think of no better bachelor than not one, not two, but a whole slew for your perusal (and with daddy issues galore, for all you bad boy types.)

That’s right, I’m talking about the X-Men, but not just any X-Men story, this one helms from one of the greatest writers himself – Joss Whedon.


I was never actually a huge X-Men fan. My love for Fantastic Four aside, when there’s a book revolving around more than four characters, I get a little lost. I’ve never been a fan of Justice League comics, Teen Titans are all too whiney, and the Avengers swamp partners more than a square dance.

But this…I had to give it a shot. For the love of Whedon.


Wine & Comics: Daredevil Vol 2

2015-04-24 17.55.51

Be sure to catch up on Wine & Comics as we read through Daredevil! I find ways to talk about Fantastic Four, Topher accepts feelings in comic books, and we drink wine out of something that looks like a coconut water box.

You can also download the podcast here!

Daredevil Volume 2 Part 1

Daredevil Volume 2 Part 2


BiCoastal Bingeing: The OGs S2 Ep 3 & 4

Full disclosure, I’m in a weird place because I’ve been watching SO MUCH Girl Meets World and it’s a really different headspace than this show so that will be interesting.

Further proof Meghan and I are brain twins, I too have been watching a lot of Girl Meets World and have even gotten into following the tag on Tumblr, now if she ships the same crack I do on the show we can both accept our destiny to be thirteen year old girls.

Ready, set, GO.

Episode 3: Every Mothers Son

Esther continues to be the Julia Childs of magic spells. Oh no. Just kidding, she’s the Julia Childs of killing her children. 

Julia Childs cooking children. There’s a Hannibal fan fiction somewhere in here.

These poor babies really can’t get a break from their terrible parents.

The Mikelsons literally take the cake for worst parents on television, I mean Mikael is the ANTI- Keith Mars. (As previously discussed Keith Mars is the dad which I hold all TV dads to. How, my threshold will be from Mikael to Keith.)

I made this for Diane.