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Ode Fridays

An Ode to High School Me

Oh, but you were a sight to see,

All frizzled hair and bucked teeth,

And clothes that questioned the existence of color —

So hardcore.

Reading your musings is a treat,

How you knew everything with such certainty

(Even though you failed spelling,

That’s neither here nor there.)

You viewed the world like it had a vendetta

Against the spoiled white girl in the suburbs

Because logic has no place among raging hormones

(And social justice tumblr didn’t exist yet.)

There was so much hurt, little High School Me,

And you were so unaware of the full extent.

But, one difference between the two of us, I believe

Everything is going to be ok.

BiCoastal Binging: OGs 7 & 8

Episode 7 – Bloodletting

Key to Understanding:
Meghan – Regular Font
Diane – Italicized Font

“Honey, we lost the Hayley.” Elijah to Rebekah.


And so begins Meghan’s decent into those deep, dark eyes.

In my off time (so, like, an hour and twenty minutes a day) I’m catching up on last season’s Supernatural and it’s fascinating to see how CW shows are a big fan of a good brotherhood (I’m typing over the VOs…but the end of that one wasn’t too bad.)


Follow the Bouncing Ball: Africa

What? We’re reading a whole blog post about a song (not even the original song, but a cover) and related feels?

Yes. You are. Here’s why.

The Song

For those of you super stoked, thinking ‘Classic rock, thank God, she’s totally relatable,’ let’s hold our inclusive horses there for a minute. My favorite Africa of all the Africas, the song I listen to more than any other in my iTunes library, coming in with a respectable 226 plays (that’s over 18 hours of listening ladies and gentlemen) is the Africa cover by Relient K.


BiCoastal Binging: The OGs 5 & 6

Key to Understanding:
Meghan – Regular Font
Diane – Italicized Font

Episode 5 – Sinners and Saints

Ugh.Elijahs doing the monologue. He knows even less than Klaus, hes been dead! At least theres not a second VO.

I don’t have to listen to the sound of an annoying voice over because Netflix decided to just skip it on its own. Thank you, Netflix. I enjoy when you allow me to be even lazier than I already am on a Sunday.

Screenshot 2015-07-28 06.52.24

Elijah’s face is fifty shades of grey right now. I mean literally, not a nod to the ill conceived fan fiction that turned all women into fans of terrible smut. I digress. He’s talking to Davina (not Sophie) and she pricks herself with a needle to taunt him with some of that good old blood. Idk Davina, you are might powerful but I think even a half dead Elijah might be able to snap a few necks.


Comic Matchmaker: Fantastic Four – Imaginauts

It’s that time! Time for matching comics to their perfect reading mates and I’m SO excited because today’s lucky trade paperback (single issues brought together into one bound collection, usually telling a specific story arc) happens to be my absolute favorite comic in the whole, wide universe (start with low expectations, am I right?).

Today’s lucky “Bachelor” is a more of a polygamous relationship.


1st Viewing: Grease

Many moons ago I tried to write an email to my dear friend Toni (whom you may remember from the Stupid White Girl Trip post) while watching Peter Jackson’s Godzilla for the first time. I’m sure I had important things to discuss with her but I honestly couldn’t remember what they were, so fascinated by how BAD the movie was that I just had to keep her updated on what was going on and my reactions. To this day it stands as one of the best and most entertaining emails I have ever sent.

So, in the spirit of snarky rewatching, I’ve decided to do a series of posts entitled 1st Viewing, where you get my snarky take on classics I have never seen before. I’ll tell you what I initially think of the movie before I watch it, chronicle my immediate thoughts as they happen during the film, and then give a sum up at the end.

Today’s 1st Viewing: Grease

2015-07-14 00.25.39 (more…)

BiCoastal Binging: The OGs Episodes 3 & 4

First off we would like to say sorry for the late post. Diane was in charge of this one and she was total slacker because her day jobs made her do it! We wont bore you with anymore apologies because The Originals never do so why should we? In this entry of BiCostal Binging we embark on a journey that can make or break any hour long scripted series – watching the third episode. The third episode is crucial. If you’re not even remotely curious as to what people are doing on the show by the third episode the show might not be for you, or anyone really. Luckily for The Originals both the pilot and the second episode were good enough but we both ended it thinking, is this a show we like or is this a show we hate so we like making fun of it? Episodes 3 and 4 answer that burning question. Okay, enough blabbing. On to the episodes!

Your key to understanding views –

Meghan = Regular Font

Diane = italics.

Not Pictured, Klaus's evil mustache.

Not Pictured, Klaus’s evil mustache.


LALivin: LA Baby

I’ve dreamed of living in Los Angeles since I was a senior in high school (spoiler alert, that was quite a while ago), but my first visit was actually two years earlier. My mom had a conference she wanted to attend and asked if I wanted to tag along, to see what ‘that west coast livin” is all about (nailed that impersonation). As the oldest of five children who never really had that many adventures (except in disappointing people), I jumped at the opportunity to explore someplace that wasn’t The South.


Shameless Self Promotion: Wine and Comics

Do you like (hearing people drink and talk about crappy) wine?

Do you like (listening to people argue over) comics?

Do you like (sitting in your car for hours in traffic while playing) podcasts?

Then Wine + Comics is the podcast for you!

What is Wine + Comics you ask? Well thank you, I’m so glad you did!


Adulting: Goodwill Hunting

I will never understand the mindset of buying clothes full price from a store focusing more on how people look when they’re undressed (I got my birthday suit for free, thanks). What if, for the same price of that shirt, I bought a whole outfit? Wouldn’t that make me a more beneficial adult? Doesn’t that mean I’m hashtag budgeting? Am I officially Adulting? These questions (and more!) are why I have a hard time buying things from a store.

Enter Goodwill.